What I Have Learned in This 15-Month Intensive Master of Science in Technology Innovation Program at University of Washington GIX

A summary of my grad school study experience at the newly established Global Innovation eXchange as one of the first cohort students.

Fall 2017: September 27th–December 15th, 2017

510 A: Programming for Digital & Physical User Interfaces

520 A: Design Thinking for Technology Innovation

521 A: Design Thinking Studio

530: Essentials for Entrepreneurship

Winter 2018: January 3rd–March 16th, 2018

512 A: Introduction to Sensors & Circuits

Dr. Lyu from Tsinghua University on bio-sensing.

513 A: Managing Data And Signal Processing

514 A: Hardware/Software Lab-1

522 A: The History & Future of Technology

Spring 2018: March 26th–June 8th, 2018

511 A: Fabrication & Physical Prototyping

In-studio fabrication review.

515 A: Hardware/Software Lab-2

Our team reviewing the code for dynaTac.

523: User Research & Evaluation Studio

532 A: Introduction to Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs

Sara from Boeing introducing Boeing HorizonX to us.

Summer 2018: June 18th–August 17th, 2018

524: Visual, Industrial and Interaction Studio

Annabelle Gould, our instructor for visual design studio, reviewing our layout practice.

531: Planning and Managing Hardware/Software Development

Field study at a local factory (no photo allowed inside the building).

533: Corporate and IP Law

Ryan McBrayer & Steve Bishop from Perkins Coie sharing on Patent Litigation.

534: Building Effective Teams

540: Pre-Launch Studio

Fall 2018: September 26th–December 14th, 2018

541: Launch Seminar

Henrique Malvar, distinguished engineer at Microsoft, visiting us as guest lecturer. He was a major contributor to H. 264 codec, WMA audio codec, JPEG XR.

542: GIX Integrated Launch Studio

The FlaminGo team is demonstrating their work at CES 2019, sponsored by T-Mobile

A product creator living in Seattle area.

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